Planning for peace of mind

Feel confident and calm when planning your next event

Event Planner

Michelle Munro

Michelle Munro (she/her) helps organizations and individuals execute events of all types and sizes with a lens towards inclusivity.

Michelle believes that results are driven through relationship building. She knows that creating an environment of care increases event participation, engagement, and satisfaction. 

Events can feel stressful and overwhelming. There are so many details and scenarios to consider. Maybe you don’t know what suppliers or vendors to choose. Maybe you have event goals in mind but are unsure how to achieve them. 

Michelle will help you articulate your event goals and values, then present you with event choices and information that will make you feel both informed and empowered. Michelle will help you achieve a good return on your investment, hosting an event where people feel good about attending and leave feeling their time, energy, and resources were well spent.

Transform overwhelm to calm

Plan an event with confidence, calm, and care.

Event Planning & Management

Planning and coordinating any and all aspects of an event including pre-planning and day of coordination. Works with partners, vendors, and stakeholders at all levels.

Vendor & Marketplace Coordination

Creating and nurturing healthy vendor relationships and on-site marketplace management.

Inclusive Event Consultation

Review of events plans and practices through a lens of inclusion from a certified and passionate inclusive event planner.

Start planning your event with calm and confidence

Be able to relax and enjoy your event knowing the details are covered and it’s getting the care and attention it deserves. Learn how Michelle can help transform concern to celebration!

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