Feel confident and calm when planning your next event

Michelle will “loop in” the many moving parts of your event to achieve success, while centering relationships and inclusivity.

You have an event to plan but don’t have the bandwidth to tackle it alone.

Your event is coming up and you don’t know where to start. You or your team are busy with a million other tasks and the capacity to plan your event with care isn’t there. You know what you want it to look like and more importantly, you know what you want your event to FEEL like. You are struggling and time is ticking.

Stress is high and your event feels like “one more thing”.

Often we say we want our events to be inclusive to a broad range of people but we don’t know what needs to be considered to remove as many barriers to participation as possible. We want our events to feel worthwhile and welcoming but we fall back on old ways of doing things and don’t employ curiosity and consider how people will experience our event from a variety of perspectives. 

The outcome is stale, and underwhelming.

Hi, I'm Michelle

As a self-proclaimed events geek, I love to study, analyze, and then make a plan to perfect events of all types and sizes with an emphasis on relationship building and inclusivity!

I provide a variety of event services such as event planning, event management, and vendor coordination. Know you need help but not sure how? No problem–let’s figure it out together! I can meticulously plan and design an event to achieve your desired impact, thinking about the participants’ experience from multiple angles. I can provide on-site management and coordination so everything flows smoothly, and issues are addressed as they arise quickly, quietly, and efficiently.

I am known for having a compassionate leadership approach, excellent on the spot problem solving skills, and an approachable, calming presence. For over a decade I have demonstrated success in non-profit leadership, event management, fundraising, volunteer management, and community building. I’d love to hear about your event inspirations and help make them a reality!

How we'll work together

Identifying the Pieces

Align and articulate your event goals and values. We will explore the type and size of your event and then identify resources, stakeholders, strengths. We'll define what success means for you.


Communication. Relationship building. Strategy. Add certified inclusive event planning and you are on track to maximize your event's potential.


You wake up with confidence on the day of your event. Your vendors, staff, and attendees feel supported and things flow smoothly.

"The sign of excellence in an event manager is the comfort level of the client walking into the venue on the morning or evening of the event. My comfort level on the morning of the Community Impact Sector Day of Recognition on May 12 was very high. That was due to Michelle’s diligence, attention to detail, relationship with suppliers and other partners, and ability to find solutions when needed. The bonus was that she’s a delight to work with, has a great sense of humor, and demonstrates prowess in managing both the timeline and the budget.”
Deborah Page, Director, Strategic Communications, United Way Halifax

Transform event stress and uncertainty into celebration and confidence

Each event is unique and Michelle can help every step of the way. 

Event Planning & Management

Planning and coordinating any and all aspects of an event including pre-planning and day of coordination. Works with partners, vendors, and stakeholders at all levels.

Vendor & Marketplace Coordination

Creating and nurturing healthy vendor relationships and on-site marketplace management.

Inclusive Event Consultation

Review of events plans and practices through a lens of inclusion from a certified and passionate inclusive event planner.


Absolutely. I have coordinated vendors and been part of a team curating vendors for large scale events across the USA and as far away as Costa Rica–it’s amazing what you can accomplish with technology! I’m also open to traveling in order to offer on-site event support and management. Let’s talk about what you have in mind!

Each event has unique circumstances, scope and demands. An agreed upon fee will be set upfront and written into a contract. There are no surprise invoices at the end for my services.

Yes. The percentage is negotiable, but generally an agreed upon amount is payable two weeks from signing a contract outlining desired services and conditions.

I would rather leave weddings to the people who specialize in, and are passionate about weddings! I will do (and have done) milestone events for clients, like a significant birthday.

"Michelle worked at Evergreen Festival in 2021 and 2022 as the on-site event coordinator for the Evergreen Vendor Market. Michelle was amazing to work with and provided excellent support to our over 20 vendors while also managing any on-site activations. She always has a smile on her face, a positive attitude, and is quick to solve problems when they arise. Each year she provides vital feedback on how we can make improvements or add new elements to the festival."
Courtney Ordway, Business Development and Program Manager, Build Nova Scotia

Inclusion is important

Certified in and passionate about Inclusive Event Strategy, Michelle is happy to work with you and/or your team to review your event plans and practices through a lens of inclusion. Exploring what true hospitality means and what intentional choices can be made so more people can enter your event feeling at ease & welcome.

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